2015-12-17 GIGAVAC's Cost Effective PCB Solution for Sealed Switching

Gigavac launches new PCB-mounted contactors.

GIGAVAC announces the latest addition to their line of patented
switching devices: the P125 GIGAVAC MiniTACTOR™. This new
P125 GIGAVAC MiniTACTOR ™ uses patented technology to
provide a small, lightweight and cost effective solution for
DC power switching. Designed and manufactured in the USA,
the hermetically sealed GIGAVAC P125 joins GIGAVAC’s line up
of other sealed switching products including High Voltage Relays
and EPIC® sealed contactors

At just over three ounces (90 grams) and measuring about
2.5x1x1 inches (61x30x32 mm), the GIGAVAC P125 can easily be
installed in any orientation on a printed circuit board in a matter
of seconds. The M4 power connections and M3 coil connections
are designed for easy and secure PCB mounting. The sealed
chamber for both contacts and coil assures clean switching in
any environment. Safe make and break power switching can be
achieved at any voltage up to 1200Vdc. With bidirectional switching
capability and current carry to 50A, this GIGAVAC MiniTACTOR ™
is the perfect choice for any PCB power switching application
including precharge applications. Complete specifications are
available online at


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