2017-02-14 The Punch Powertrain Solar Team chooses to use Gigavac GX21SAB


The Punch Powertrain Solar Team is a student project that consist out of 21 engineering
students of the KU Leuven. They build a solar car to achieve their dream: becoming
world champion solar racing during the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge 2017 in
Australia. This is a durability race of 3021 km through the Australian outback. There are
in total 42 solar cars who fight for the first place. Amongst these teams are prestigious
university teams like Cambridge, Tokay, MIT, Michigan, Twente, Delft,…

Because of the competition the cars have to be perfectly designed and every kilo weight
or power loss can mean the difference between the first and second place. Last edition
the first five teams arrived in a distance of 1.5 hours.

The Punch Powertrain Solar Team chooses to use Gigavac GX21SAB These contactors
are used for the battery pack. We are obliged by the regulations to use two
NO-contactors on every pole of the battery pack. The Gigavacs GX21SAB are the perfect
fit between weight and power consumption. Because of their shape they can easily be
arranged in the battery housing. An extra reason to choose for Gigavac is the reliability
of the components. In Australia for example it can become extremely hot inside the car
with temperatures rising up till 60° C when standing still. These contactors can cope
with temperatures up to 85 ° C.

Let’s hope that in October, with the use of the gigavac GX21SAB we can bring the world
title to Belgium!


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