Green power solutions

2017-06-30 DLC develops bar type TFT displays continuously

All items are made by real tooling instead of cutting technology 

2017-04-05 Murata introduces 2.5x2.0mm max 0.6mm height winding power inductor

Max. 0.6 mm high, Max. 22 uH power inductor for wearable devices.

There is an increasing demand for compact, low-profile power
inductors in electronic devices such as wearable devices and
smart cards. Because liquid crystal panels are mounted on
these devices, inductors that have both a low profile as well as
a high L value are needed for the panel drivers. Yet, in the conventional
monolithic type low-profile high-power inductors LQM_CH series,
the L value was limited to 2.5 uH.

2017-02-01 Reflective optical sensor provides robust reliability and versatility along with market leading ambient light immunity

TT Electronics introduced its Photologic® V OPB9000 reflective optical sensor
for industrial and medical applications. The sensor provides dependable edge
and presence detection of reflective media under a wide range of ambient light

The OPB9000, under the OPTEK brand, is suitable for a variety of applications
including: industrial printing, dispensing, manufacturing automation, safety
and security devices, portable lab/medical equipment.

2017-02-14 The Punch Powertrain Solar Team chooses to use Gigavac GX21SAB


2016-03-07 Kyocera registers trademark Haptivity® for its proprietary touch feeling technology

Kyocera registers trademark Haptivity® for its proprietary
touch feeling technology and continues further development

2016-03-01 NIJKERK ELECTRONICS and CHUNGHWA PICTURE TUBES, LTD (CPT) have reached an agreement for the sales of CPT TFT’s in the Benelux market.


NIJKERK ELECTRONICS, leading design-in distributor in TFT displays, is pleased to announce that it has signed a distribution agreement for the Benelux with CHUNGHWA PICTURE TUBES, LTD (CPT).

CPT, employing more than 11,000 people worldwide, is a Taiwanese display manufacturer. Established in 1971 and HQ in Taoyuan, CPT has been very successful in the Small size, Medium size & Automotive display market.

2015-12-17 GIGAVAC's Cost Effective PCB Solution for Sealed Switching

Gigavac launches new PCB-mounted contactors.

GIGAVAC announces the latest addition to their line of patented
switching devices: the P125 GIGAVAC MiniTACTOR™. This new
P125 GIGAVAC MiniTACTOR ™ uses patented technology to
provide a small, lightweight and cost effective solution for
DC power switching. Designed and manufactured in the USA,
the hermetically sealed GIGAVAC P125 joins GIGAVAC’s line up
of other sealed switching products including High Voltage Relays
and EPIC® sealed contactors

2015-12-24 Mitsubishi Electric to Launch Color TFT-LCD Modules With Projected Capacitive Touch Panels for Wide Industrial Application

TOKYO, December 24, 2015 – Mitsubishi Electric Corporation (TOKYO: 6503) announced
today the coming launch of two seven-inch WVGA color TFT-LCD modules with projected
capacitive touch panels with up to five millimeter-thick cover glass. Sample sales will
begin on January 5 through Mitsubishi Electric offices worldwide.

2015-12-16 New 16-channel LED backlight controller from ams improves TV picture quality and saves power

ams introduced the AS3824, a 16-channel LED TV backlight controller which performs
local dimming of sections of a display screen to provide both improved picture quality
and valuable power savings of up to 20-30%.


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