2012-11-13 Power Integrations introduces new CC LED driver

2012-10-16 Exar Delivers Power Distribution Switch For USB Applications

2012-10-09 Power Integrations Launches TinySwitch™-4

2012-10-05 Exar's Newest Programmable Power Management System: XRP7724

2012-07-24 Power Integrations Introduces LinkSwitch-HP


Power Integrations today announced LinkSwitch™-HP, a new family of energy-efficient, off-line switcher ICs that can deliver up to 90 W output power with accurate primary-side regulation (PSR). LinkSwitch-HP ICs utilize innovative control algorithms and the properties of the main power transformer and output diode to determine the amount of power to deliver from the primary to the isolated secondary side. This method dramatically reduces component count, saving space and cost while enhancing reliability.

2012-07-20 7W Power Factor Corrected LED driver (Non-Isolated Boost) from Power Integrations.


DER-324 describes a 7 W, constant current output, non-isolated LED driver (power supply). Highly efficient and small in size, the complete circuit is designed to fit into B10-sized lamps and will simplify and speed up the process of creating new lighting products.

2012-07-19 Murata's High reliability EDLC supercapacitor ideal for extended temperature long-life applications


Murata announced the addition of the DMG series to the company’s line of thin, low-resistance, electrical double-layer capacitors (EDLCs). The DMG supercapacitors, which provide high power back-up, achieve high reliability with a five-year life span at 70 degrees C, making them an ideal choice for enterprise solid state drive (SSD) manufacturers and telecom “last gasp” applications. Smart meters are also a key application for the DMG series as the full operating temperature range is – 30 degrees C to + 85 degrees C.

2012-06-25 New AS5132 rotary position sensor ensures accurate

New addition to ams’ line of magnetic sensor ICs ideal for use in brushless DC motor
control systems and other rotary position-sensing applications.

2012-05-25 GIGAVAC announces an addition to their extensive line of EPIC Sealed Contactors —the MX56.

GIGAVAC, Expert in High Voltage Relays & Sealed Contactors, announces an addition to their extensive line of EPIC Sealed Contactors —the MX56.
The Single Pole Single Throw Normally Open (SPST-NO) MX56 is rated for continuous duty up to
600 amps and capable of switching 600 amps at 24Vdc, or AC, 100,000 times.  
The MX56 was developed for high reliability applications such as military vehicles, buses, emergency

2012-05-16 New company brand name for austriamicrosystems and TAOS.


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